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Leadership Skills & Why They Matter More Than Good Grades For Success

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

I changed 1 country, 2 cities, and 4 schools by the time my child was 5, in search of the“perfect” school! When I finally discovered the“dream” school for my child, it blew me away with it’s amazing learning environment, inquiry-based curriculum, and diversity.

But soon I found myself asking:

  • Despite graduating from such a phenomenal school, what is the certainty that my child will thrive in the real world?

  • What are the skills needed to find true success in life?

  • And why is it left to chance who develops these skills or and who does not?

My name is Alpana Shitolé. I am a parent who has spent over ten years trying to find answers to these questions. My research has shown that children need three competencies to thrive in their lives:

  • The first competency is Emotional Intelligence or EQ

Because no matter how prepared or intelligent your child is, they WILL face ups and downs in life. When life is good, we tend to make good decisions. But when things go wrong, we react to our negative emotions - and make impulsive decisions that could potentially disrupt the trajectory of our lives!

Having high EQ means being aware of our emotions, and of those around us, to discern between reason and reaction, and make rational decisions - irrespective of what life throws at you.

  • The second competency is Social Skills

Because success is hollow without the ability to surround yourself with people who deeply care about you - at work and in your personal life.

  • The third competency is Innovation

Because if you don’t know how to continuously redefine your work by bringing a spark of imagination in whatever you do, chances are that your work can either be automated or outsourced for a lot cheaper.

It has taken me a long time researching, testing, and distilling these skills into teachable units for students. And I am here to spread awareness to every invested parent out there, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

I have founded Frolific based on the belief that success is not determined by a degree or a title. The purpose of education is not to prepare children for a destination, but to prepare them for their journey. So they can thrive in whatever they choose to do in their lives.


To this end, we offer 3 courses:

This course teaches techniques to develop grit and resilience in the face of challenges, mistakes, and failures. It aims to enable students to achieve and exceed their potential - despite all setbacks.

This course lays the foundation of effective communication, assertiveness, and relationship management. It aims to enable students to communicate clearly and completely while being sensitive to others’ needs and wants.

This course teaches the fundamentals of Critical Thinking, Lateral Thinking, and Design Thinking. It aims to teach students how to challenge the status quo by thinking outside the box.

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