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We Empower Teens To Succeed Beyond Good Grades
Fall Registration Open Now!
At Frolific, We Believe That Success Does Not Come With Just A Degree Or A Title

We cultivate the top three leadership qualities in teens: 

Achieving their potential despite setbacks

Communicating assertively

Solving problems creatively

Explore Our Top Leadership Program For Teens That Offers Three Courses

3 independent courses | 5 months each | 13-16 year olds

What Our Community Says About Us

Meet The Founder


Alpana Shitolé

Losing her mother at just 14 profoundly impacted Alpana's perspective on education. As a mother, her top priority was to prepare her child to succeed in the real world, despite challenges. This commitment drove her on a relentless quest to find the ideal school, a journey that led her to change one country, two states, and three schools - by the time her child was five. But even after finding this perfect school, she was consumed by the greatest realization of her journey:


Despite sending my child to an amazing school, why was there was no certainty that they would reach their full potential or achieve meaningful success in the future?

Our Proud Supporters
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