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Instilling Leadership Mindsets In Teens And Tweens

In today's hyper-competitive world, thriving in high school, college, and life will depend on the ability to handle pressure, learn from mistakes, interact with others, and build meaningful relationships.


While there are many avenues to develop academic excellence, there are virtually none that prepare our children to deal with setbacks or develop authentic connections.


We instill a Leadership Mindset mindset to continuously strive for, achieve, and exceed your own potential despite all setbacks. The ability to lead oneself in a way that inspires others.

 Our Programs Cultivate 'Resilience' and 'Assertiveness' By Raising Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
Each Program is Rooted in Science, Fun, and Community
Why Parents Trust Us


Research Based

Our curriculum is based on over ten years of research on the science of Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Tried & Tested

Programs designed in partnership with 4.0 Schools, an organization committed to supporting innovative, student-centric initiatives in the US.

Parent Approved

Built with inputs from over 300 parents, educators, and children around the globe. 

Strong Backing

Supported by the Walton Family Foundation and the Charles Koch Institute through their VELA Education Fund.

Meet The Founder

Alpana Shitolé is the founder of Frolific. 


Alpana has two Master of Science degrees, an Entrepreneurship certification from Cornell University, a PMP certification, a SEE Learning certification, an ALF certification, is a 4.0 Schools Fellow, and a ‘Meet The Moment’ Grantee.  She has helped start a consulting firm from the ground up, lead a corporate Project Management Office, and worked as a City planner. 


Alpana’s journey in education, however,  began as a quest to find the right school for her daughter in 2012. After changing multiple schools, she finally found that perfect school. But this also came with a life-changing realization: 

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