We exist to empower children to strive for, achieve, and exceed their potential by building their mental strength.

Our one-of-a-kind program builds the key attributes of Resilience, EQ, and Problem Solving in children.


"My daughter received the "Rising Student Award" from her middle school. I absolutely 100% think Frolific had a role in this.” 

- Lindsay, Parent

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Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

According to a Harvard Business 

School research EQ counts for 

twice as much as IQ and technical skills combined in determining who will be successful. 


Frolific builds the capacity to recognize and manage emotions and to develop strong people skills like active listening, assertiveness, and conflict management.

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Creative Problem Solving

Disruptive technologies and radical advances are continuously redefining our personal and professional lives. This shifting landscape demands adaptability and the ability to think critically and creatively.

Frolific develops the capacity to approach problems with imagination and innovation. We hone kids’ mental make-up to tackle the uncertainty of any situation. Kids learn to control and be the change rather than simply react to it.

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The pursuit of any meaningful goal can often become excruciatingly challenging. The ability to focus on the present and persevere through the current moment is critical.

Frolific builds the capacity for meticulous mastery of skills. We empower children to recover successfully from setbacks and to follow through on their goals. Children learn to become comfortable making, and learning from, mistakes by recognizing how failures are powerful stepping stones for achieving success.

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3 Independent Modules

About The Coach




Alpana is the founder of Frolific Kids. She has a burning desire to empower children to be their best selves in whatever they do in life; a passion that drove her to pivot from a thriving corporate career to become an educationalist. 


She has two Master of Science degrees, an Entrepreneurship certification from Cornell University, a PMP certification, a SEE Learning certification, an ALF certification, is a 4.0 Schools Fellow, & a Meet The Moment Grantee. At the end of the day, though, being among children is her greatest joy & inspiration.


The Frolific’s Personal Leadership program is the results of over 8 years of research and workshops conducted working closely with over hundreds of parents, children, educators, and professionals across the globe.


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Your child's successful future depends on a lot more than good grades.