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What course is right for my child? 

Frolific offers three specialized courses designed to nurture distinct abilities in students, essential for leadership: Emotional Intelligence (EQ) For Leadership: Cultivates resilience and the ability to realize potential despite challenges. Collaboration For Leadership: Focuses on building genuine connections with others. Innovation for Leadership: Encourages creative thinking and problem-solving outside conventional boundaries. When a student develops all these abilities, they lead a life that inspires others. This is the essence of leadership. If you're deciding which course to start with for your child, we recommend choosing the one that addresses their most immediate need. Trust your instinct – you can't go wrong.

What does Frolific mean? 

The word Frolific is a blend of two words “prolific” and “fun”. It truly represents our space where children become prolific while having fun. Our research has shown that when children are having fun they are open to learning. We provide an unconventional learning environment where the students have the agency and freedom to be themselves, and therefore, intrinsically motivated. We tap into this motivation to teach them leadership skills.

Out of all the leadership skills why the emphasis on EQ, Collaboration & Innovation? 

Frolific was founded on the belief that success does not come with a degree or a title alone. It comes with: 1. The ability to exceed your potential despite setbacks. 2. The ability to build authentic connections. with people at work and at home 3. The ability to challenge the status quo and continuously redefine whatever you do. To this end we have created three courses that help kids succeed by building top leadership skills of Emotional Intelligence, Collaboration, and Innovation. Because we know that leaders are not born, they are made.

How do we know it works? 

We evaluate children with a specially formulated scale developed in collaboration with metrics expert Dr. Kirsten Hill. This measures the growth in students since the beginning of the course. These results are shared with parents at the end of the course. Additionally, regular assessments are conducted to evaluate students' understanding of the concepts throughout the duration of the course.

Is there a recommended course progression? 

While this is optional, we recommend starting with Emotional Intelligence, then taking Collaboration and finally, Innovation.

Why do children have to learn about leadership skills? 

Because leaders are not born. They are made. And for any of these skills to be an integral part of our personality, there needs to be a steady dose of positive reinforcement over a long period of time. Foundational schooling years is therefore an ideal time to start.

Why can't we teach EQ through karate, collaboration through soccer, and innovation through an art class? 

Here is a question to reflect upon: is your child able to understand the importance of applying these skills in their everyday life outside of these classes? According to our findings from parents, the answer is usually a no. We believe that the missing link is the lack of understanding relevance of these skills in their everyday life, and the intrinsic motivation to use it. At Frolific we bridge this gap. Please check out the methodology section for more information.

​Why can’t we teach leadership skills at home?

It is possible to teach some of these skills at home. However, based on our research and workshops with parents, we found that:  - No matter how invested they are, parents just lack the time to consistently imbibe these skills in children. - Having children with different needs in the same household further hampers this ability. - Parents often may not have the right expertise in teaching children.  - Since there is no systematic way to monitor the results, it is hard to monitor growth.

Can I quit or join in the middle of a course?

We want you to have the best experience possible. However, there is no obligation or commitment on your part. You may cancel at any time. ​ Students may however only join at the start of a course or module.  We rely on community building amongst the students and incrementally developing on concepts over the entire course of the program. Joining in the middle will reduce the advantages your child can gain by attending the course.

Are the sessions private and safe for my child?

We value the privacy of our students above all else. If your child is registered and attending a session, you may observe the sessions, but we strongly discourage this as we want all kids in the class to be completely open and unfettered. We will be happy to talk one-on-one to explain how our classes work and answer any questions you may have.

What if my child misses a class?

We understand that scheduling conflicts may prevent your child from attending a class. To support continuous learning, we provide weekly newsletters summarizing each lesson and offering strategies for skill reinforcement at home. We also offer the following makeup options: 1. Alternate Session: Join another cohort's class at a different time on the same day. 2. Early Private Makeup: Arrive 15 minutes early to the next class for a catch-up session. 3. In-Class Recap: Each class begins with a comprehensive review of the previous lesson, ensuring all students can seamlessly reintegrate, regardless of missed sessions. Finally, if your child still has lingering questions, we are always happy to answer them after a session.

Who will be conducting the sessions?

The sessions will be conducted by Alpana, the founder of Frolific. She has two Master of Science degrees, an Entrepreneurship certification from Cornell University, a PMP certification, a SEE Learning certification, an ALF certification, is a 4.0 Schools Fellow, and a Meet The Moment Grantee. Read more about her on the About Us page.

If it's a mixed group, how does it serve the youngest or oldest students? 

The mixed group makes the program unique. The lessons are enhanced as they interact with one another. The age difference helps our students see things from a different perspective. There is open and clear communication and children rarely feel threatened or pressured.

What does a typical session look like?

You can get a Session Overview here. 

Do you offer any scholarships?

Yes! We are happy to offer need-based scholarships. Please send us an email with your name, preferred contact information, to for more information.

What does satisfaction guaranteed mean?

If you are not satisfied after the first class we will give you a full refund. If you choose to withdraw after the second class onwards, we only require a 30-day notice. No Contract!

Money Back Gurantee
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