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What do you mean by Personal Leadership?

We believe that true meaningful success is not about an achievement or a destination; it is a journey. A journey of continuously striving, achieving, and exceeding your own potential, to reach personal excellence in everything that you do, driven by your own intrinsic motivation. This is a journey of Personal Leadership.

What does Personal Leadership have to do with  EQ, Resilience, & Creative Problem Solving? 

These attributes are at the core of Personal Leadership.

1. Emotional Intelligence: Personal Leadership begins with your self-awareness and self-control. 

Emotional intelligence facilitates your ability to handle impulses, pressure, and anxiety. It is your ability to recognize and understand emotions in yourself and others and your ability to use this awareness to manage your behavior and build meaningful relationships.


2. Creative Problem Solving: The ability to reinvent yourself… time and again.

We live in an age of exponential change that is rapidly evolving and redefining the demands on our professional and personal. The core skillset needed to thrive is not just subject matter expertise but the ability to ‘learn how to learn’, to become comfortable with ‘not being comfortable’, and to think critically and creatively.


3. Resilience: The ability to bounce back from setbacks. Resilience is the flexible adaptation to the changing demands of stressful situations and negative experiences, that often hold us back from achieving success.

How do we know the Frolific program works?

The program is divided into three modules: EQ, Creative Problem Solving, and Resilience, which then organized into two units each. Each unit is further broken down into smaller, transferable concepts. This helps children (and adults!) easily understand and internalize each concept and build upon what they have learned before. The Frolific Wheel represents this visually.

Research Based Curriculum

Frolific’s Personal Leadership program is based on 8 years of research, testing, and workshops conducted globally. Over 300 parents, children, and educators have helped us build & refine the curriculum. We are also supported by organizations like 4.0 Schools and VELA Education Fund. 


  • The concepts in The Frolific Wheel are introduced to children through carefully designed experiences. 

  • Our sessions are integrated with play and interactive discussions to keep kids engaged.

  • Tangible, memorable, and fun experiences, not lectures, drive home the concepts.

  • We teach practical techniques that can be implemented right away.

Evidence Backed Results

  • Throughout the program, we measure how well our children grasp the core competencies by using formative and summative assessments.

  • We have developed the REC (Resiliency-EQ-Creative Problem Solving) Scale, designed in collaboration with metrics expert, Dr. Kirsten Hill, to objectively measure how mindsets change over the course of the program. 

  • Perhaps most importantly, our parents have overwhelmingly reported the positive impact our programs have had on their children, as evidenced in our testimonies section.

Why do children have to learn about leadership?

In a rapidly changing unpredictable future, we strive to empower our children with abilities to create a future for themselves with conviction and influence others to do the same.


These abilities cannot be learned overnight in leadership trainings as adults. It takes years of positive reinforcement and practice to instill mindsets which eventually become their personality.


We believe that foundational schooling years is an ideal time to start. 

Why cant we teach children these qualities at home?

Based on our research and workshops with parents, educators, and students, geared towards working with parents to instill these qualities in their children, we found that: 

  1. No matter how invested they are, parents just lack the time to consistently imbibe these skills in children. Having children with different needs in the same household further hampers this ability.

  2. Parents often may not have the right expertise in teaching children. 

  3. Since there is no systematic way to monitor the results, it is hard to monitor growth.

My child attends a martial arts class. He learns about perseverance there. So what is the difference?

Here is a question to reflect upon: is your child able to understand the importance of applying  perseverance in his or her everyday life outside of this class?  


According to our studies, parents usually say no. We believe that the missing link is the lack of understanding about the relevance of perseverance in everyday life, and the intrinsic motivation to use it. At Frolific we bridge this gap. Please check out the methodology section for more information. 

We always do a recap of the previous class. Your child will be brought up to speed during the recap.


If your child still has lingering questions, we are always happy to answer them after a session.

What if my child misses a class?

Can I try a class before registering? / Do you have a free trial class?

Yes! We are happy to provide need-based scholarships. Please contact info@frolific.com for more information.

Do you offer scholarships?

Can I quit in the middle of a program?

We want you to have the best experience possible. However, there is no obligation or commitment on your part. You may cancel the program at any time.

Can I join in the middle of a program?

Can I watch a class?

Students may only join at the start of a program or module. 

We rely on community building amongst the students and incrementally developing on concepts over the entire course of the program. Joining in the middle will reduce the advantages your child can gain by attending the program.

We value the privacy of our students above all else. We cannot allow you to watch a class if your child is not registered for the program.


If your child is registered and attending a session, we cannot prevent you from watching, but we strongly discourage this as we want all kids in the class to be completely open and unfettered.

However, we will be happy to talk to one-on-one to explain how our classes work and answer any questions you may have.



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