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Our Philosophy

Our education system was designed in the 19th Century. Our children will graduate in the 21st. 

For much of the last two centuries, college was a certain path to a good job and being a subject matter expertise was enough to succeed. 

But our future is likely to be dictated by disruptive technologies, radical advances, and a global economy. The pace of change is exponentially faster and far wider in scope, evolving and redefining the demands on our professional and personal lives.


In such unpredictable times, the only certain way for a thriving future is to be empowered with the ability to create one.


The core skillset needed, then, is not just to become a subject matter expert, but also have:

Staying resilient under pressure

Connecting effortlessly and genuinely with others

Thinking outside the box to break the status quo

What if we believed that mastering of skills needed to thrive in the 21st century needs to be rooted in the elementary years and onwards in order for it to become an integral part of an individual’s attitude? What if, we valued making progress in the attitudes of perseverance, empathy, innovation and self discipline, as much as the subjects of math, language, social studies and science? What if kids experienced an environment that tested not just what they have learned in each subject but what they can do with what they have learned across disciplines?    At Frolific, we are striving to make this vision, an everyday reality. 

Our Beliefs

Belief #1

Success is not an achievement or a destination; it is a mindset. A mindset of continuously striving to achieve and exceed your own potential. Despite the setbacks. We call this a Leadership Mindset.  

Belief #2

A Leadership Mindset does not come with a degree or a title, but with steady reinforcement over a long period of time. Mindsets, therefore, need to be instilled during foundational schooling years of life. 

Belief #3

People, including children, learn best when they are having fun.  

Belief #4

Interacting with others who look and think differently from us stretches our minds to embrace new ways of thinking.

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