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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) For Leadership

EQ is the ability to accurately perceive your own emotions as you experience them and use that awareness to manage your behavior.

With raised EQ you become aware of how a change (positive or negative) affects your emotions and decisions and helps you skillfully navigate the situation.  This course prepares students to not give up or act on an impulse. It teaches them to keep the intensity of their emotions in check when faced with a challenge - be it a failure, a mistake, or an unexpected difficulty.  Students graduate with raised Emotional Intelligence and the lifelong knowledge of how to stay relentless in the face of any challenge. Throughout the course the Emotional Intelligence of each student is tracked through our trademarked Frolific EQ™ measurement scale.  

Watch this 1-minute video where our founder explains what this course is about

In This Course You Will Learn:

How to not give up when things get hard by building Self-Awareness. We enable students with self-awareness so they are in tune with how a challenge affects their mood and their decisions. This helps them understand their disposition in the event of a difficulty and teaches them to navigate a challenge proactively instead of getting impacted by it unknowingly.


How to bounce back from mistakes and failures with Self-Management We equip students with tools of self-control to keep emotions in check when things don't go their way. They learn to build and access resources within themselves to manage their impulses instead of reacting to a difficulty.

How to stay motivated despite setbacks with Learned Optimism. We enable students to understand their motivation that drive them intrinsically to improve and achieve their goals. They learn about goal-setting and optimism which helps them delay gratification in pursuit of relentlessly pursuing their goal even when it gets mundane or challenging.

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Who: 11-15 Year Olds

Course Duration: 16 Weeks

This is a sixteen-week course. Classes are held once a week.

This course is offered to a mixed age group of 11-15 year old boys & girls.

Format: Online or In-person

Choose one of the two options below:


Zoom video conferencing



1950 Sharon Rd, Cumming, GA 30041

Starts: August 2023


Starts Aug 02 | Ends Dec 13

*No class on Aug 30, Sep 27, Oct 18, & Nov 22


Starts Aug 05 | Ends Dec 16

*No class on Sep 02, Sep 30, Oct 21 & Nov 25

Day & Time


Wednesdays @ 6:00 PM ET


Saturdays @ 10:00 AM ET

Saturdays @ 3:30 PM ET

(Classes are one hour long)



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