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Innovation For Leadership

Innovation is the ability to create something new.


In this course, students create a real and viable product to address a real-world problem. They learn and apply critical thinking, lateral thinking, and design thinking—an approach to creative problem solving developed at Stanford University.

In a future of disruptive technologies, radical advancements, and exponential change, this course prepares leaders of the next generation to innovate and drive this change. Students graduate with raised Creative Intelligence and the lifelong knowledge of how to think in unconventional ways to solve problems. The growth in the ability to innovate is measured using our trademarked CQ™ (Creative Quotient) scale and the results are shared with parents.

Watch this 1-minute video where our founder explains what this course is about

In This Course You Will Learn:

How to evaluate a problem using Critical Thinking. Instead of jumping to finding a soltuion as soon as a problem presents itself, students will learn to actively and rationally evaluate it. They will learn how to frame good questions to get to the root cause of a problem. Students also learn how to make sense of the information that is constantly bombarded in their day to day life.


How to think outside the box with Lateral Thinking. Students will learn to generate unconventional solutions to problems that call for more than just typical step-by-step logic. They will learn how to restructure a problem by breaking free from the confines of conventional logic & assumptions and to generate multiple solutions, beyond the most obvious ones.


Creative Problem Solving with Design Thinking More often than not, when we are trying to innovate, we tend to the see a problem from our perspective, make assumptions based on our experiences, and find a solution that satisfies us. With Design Thinking students will learn to contradict all the above tendencies with a hands-on approach to problem solving for the real world. Students will learn the five steps of design thinking - Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test.

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Who: 13-16 Year Olds

This course is offered to a mixed age group of 13-16 year old boys & girls.

Course Duration: 5 Months

This is a five month course.

Classes are held once a week.


2187 Sharon Rd, Cumming, GA 30041



*No Contract

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