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Our Mission 

To enable every child to become a fearless and compassionate leader. 

Our Vision

To become the world’s most loved, most prolific space for children

Meet The Founder


Alpana Shitolé is the founder of Frolific. 


Losing her mother at just 14 profoundly impacted Alpana's perspective on education. As a mother, her top priority was to prepare her child to succeed in the real world, despite challenges. This commitment drove her on a relentless quest to find the ideal school, a journey that led her to change one country, two states, and three schools - by the time her child was five. But even after finding this perfect school, she was consumed by the greatest realization of her journey: 

Despite sending my child to an amazing school, why was there was no certainty that they would reach their full potential or achieve meaningful success in the future?

If thriving in adult life really depends on facing your fears, resilience, and building relationships, why is it left to chance who develops these skills?


How can these skills be ingrained as mindsets in the formative years of all children, making these an integral part of their being?


These were the questions to which she resolved to dedicate her life to. 


Frolific is the result of over ten years of research. It was founded on the philosophy that the purpose of education is not to prepare children for a destination, it is to prepare them for their journey, so they succeed in whatever they choose to do. This ability to succeed does not come with just a degree or a title. It comes with having:

1. The ability to achieve and exceed your potential despite setbacks

2. The ability to build authentic connections   

3. The ability to challenge the status quo 

In 2015, Alpana was accepted to the Fellowship program in 2015 of 4.0 Schools, a non-profit organization that selects a handful of  educationalists every year from across the U.S. with next-generation ideas. Alpana is a 4.0 Schools Fellow and a ‘Meet The Moment’ Grantee. She has two Master of Science degrees, an Entrepreneurship certification from Cornell University, a PMP certification, a SEE Learning certification, and an ALF certification.  She has helped start a consulting firm from the ground up, lead a corporate Project Management Office, and worked as a City planner. 


Driven by a passion to empower children to be their best selves, Alpana shifted her career from the corporate world to become an educationalist. 


The deep research she conducted through the 4.0 Schools program played a crucial role in shaping Frolific's curriculum, methodology, and approach, reflecting her commitment to transforming education and preparing children for a successful and fulfilling life.

Meet the founder

Our Advisory Council


Hassan Hassan

CEO at 4.0 Schools


John Sperandio

COO For Global Schools Management Ltd.


Dr. Gary Davison

Founding Principal (Retd.), Lambert High School, GA


Ed Chang

Executive Director at redefinED atlanta


J. Robert Varghese

Principal | EVP, Portfolio Strategy & Management at Banyan Investment Group

Our Student Council


Isha Manjunath


Elanor Rasey


Eric Zou


Arya Sitolay

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