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Turning Aspirations Into Actions: Teen Success Strategies

In a recent survey, teens defined success in two ways: “to reach my goals” and “to live a comfortable life.” However, the journey to achieving these forms of success can often seem daunting, especially when faced with the pressures of academic expectations, social dynamics, and future career uncertainties. So how can teens start working towards their version of success right now? Here are two key strategies:

1. Be Flexible

Both teens and adults often fixate on their goals, believing their success hinges on achieving them. However, Professor Joseph Fuller from Harvard Business School emphasizes the importance of adaptability. In his article, he explains that people need to be open to unexpected opportunities and embrace change rather than fearing it.

While setting career goals is beneficial, being overly rigid can be counterproductive. Fuller points out that strict adherence to linear plans can lead you to ignore what genuinely motivates or interests you. Instead, being adaptable and open to change can help you discover new paths and opportunities that align with your evolving interests and strengths.

2. Achieve Success One Day at a Time

Success is a journey, not a destination. Instead of measuring your worth by the ultimate goals, consider your daily progress as a marker of success. Break down your larger goals into smaller, manageable ones, and set micro-goals for each day.

Every morning, set three intentions for the day, and every night, assess your success based on these small achievements. This approach not only makes your goals more attainable but also helps you build confidence and maintain motivation.


Here is the evidence of how these strategies have played out for teenagers who have embraced these lessons from our EQ For Leadership Course

“Every time I sat down to plan for college applications, I got really overwhelmed. I had this irrational fear of rejection. After learning about goal-setting, I created a tracker in an Excel sheet to track all the steps and record my progress every day. I have come such a long way in just one week!” Student (16) 

By focusing on daily progress, teens can start working towards their goals and living a more fulfilling life today. Encourage your teen to adopt these strategies and watch them grow into successful individuals.

Teenager using a laptop to track daily goals and progress, demonstrating practical strategies for achieving success through daily actions.


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