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Terms & Conditions

In Consideration for the Student’s ability to participate in the Frolific program listed above (the “Activity”), including any participation in any Activity meeting, class, competition, show, event, or presentation, including travel to and from any meeting, class, competition, show, event, or presentation (“Activities”), the Student and the Parent or Legal Guardian (“Adult”) signing this Agreement agree as follows:


  • The Student and Adult understand the nature of the Activity, and its associated Activities, and the Student voluntarily wishes to participate in the Activities.  The Adult consents to the Students involvement in the Activities.

  • The Student shall comply with the instruction and directions of Activity teachers, coaches, supervisors, chaperones, and instructors.  During the Student’s participation in Activities the Student shall comply with all applicable Codes of Conduct.  The Student shall also generally conduct himself/herself at all times in keeping with the highest moral and ethical standards so as to reflect positively on himself/herself, the Activity and Frolific.  Failure to meet these obligations may, in the discretion of Frolific, result in immediate removal from Activities and a prohibition against any future involvement in Activities.  Should the violation of these obligations also result in bodily injury or property damage during Activities, the Adult will (a) pay to restore or replace any property damaged as a result of the Student’s violation, (b) pay any damages caused to bodily injury to an individual, and (c) defend, protect and hold Frolific harmless from such property damage or bodily injury claims.

  • Participation in Activities might result in injuries, potentially including serious or life-threatening injuries or death. Injuries might arise from the Student’s actions or inactions, the actions or inactions of another Student or participant in Activities, or the actual or alleged failure by Frolific employees, agents, or volunteers to adequately coach, train, instruct, or supervise Activities.  Injuries might also arise from an actual or alleged failure to properly maintain, use, repair, or replace physical facilities or equipment available for Activities. All such risks are deemed to be inherent to the Student’s participation in Activities.  By this Agreement, the Student and Adult are deemed to fully assume all such risks and, in consideration for the right of the Student to participate in Activities, understand and agree that to the fullest extent allowed by law they are waiving and releasing any potential future claim they might otherwise have been able assert against Frolific, or any employee, agent or volunteer of Frolific (“Released Parties”) by or on behalf of the Student or any parent, administrator, executor, trustee, guardian, assignee or family member.

  • If the Student believes that an unsafe condition or circumstance exists, or otherwise feels or believes that continued participation in Activities might present a risk of Injury, the Student will immediately discontinue further participation in Activities, notify Frolific personnel of the Student’s belief, and notify a parent or guardian of the Student’s belief. Any parent or guardian of the Student shall, thereafter, not allow the Student to participate in Activities until the unsafe condition or circumstance is remedied, with any question or concern regarding the alleged existence of the unsafe condition or circumstance addressed to their satisfaction.

  • Emergency medical information regarding the Student is on file with Frolific and is current.  The Adult agrees to provide updated medical information during the course of the Student’s participation in Activities.  If an injury or medical emergency occurs during Activities, Frolific employees, agents or volunteers have my express permission to administrator or to authorize the administration of urgent or emergency care, including the transportation of the Student to an urgent care or emergency care provider.  In such circumstances, notice to me and/or the Emergency Contact of the injury or medical emergency may be delayed.  Therefore, any urgent or emergency care provider has my express authority to conduct diagnostic or anesthetic procedures, and/or to provide medical care or treatment (including surgery), as they may deem reasonable or necessary under all existing circumstances. All costs and expenses associated with such care are solely my responsibility.

  • Employees, agents, or volunteers of Frolific may photograph, videotape, or take statements from the Student.  Such photographs, videotapes, recordings, or written statements may be published or reproduced in a manner showing the Student’s name, face, likeness, voice, thoughts, beliefs, or appearance to third parties, including, without limitation, webcasts, television, motion pictures, films, newspapers, yearbooks, and magazines.  Such published or reproduced items, whether or not for a profit, may be used for security, training, advertising, news, publicity, promotional, informational, or any other lawful purpose.  I hereby authorize and consent to any such publications or reproductions, without compensation, and without reservation or limitation.

  • All scheduled sessions or events are subject to change. I understand that no fees will be refunded or transferred unless a child is unable to participate due to an accident or illness per physician orders.

  • This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Georgia.  This Agreement is to be broadly construed to enforce the purposes and agreements set forth above and shall not be construed against the Released Parties solely on the basis that this Agreement was drafted by Frolific. If any part of this Agreement is deemed invalid or ineffective, all other provisions shall remain in force. No oral modification of this Agreement, or alleged change or modification of its terms by subsequent conduct or oral statements, is allowed.  This Agreement contains the sole and exclusive understanding of the parties, with no other representation relied upon by the Adult or Student in determining whether to execute this Agreement or in agreeing to participate in Activities.


By signing below: (1) I am giving up substantial actual or potential rights in order to allow the student to participate in activities; (2) I have signed this agreement without any inducement or assurance of any nature, and with full appreciation of the risks inherent in activities; (3) I have no question regarding the scope or intent of this agreement; (5) I, as a parent or legal guardian, have the right and authority to enter into this agreement, and to bind myself, the student, and any other family member, personal representative, assign, heir, trustee, or guardian to the terms of this agreement; (6) I have explained this agreement to the student, who understands his/her obligations.

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