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What Our Parents & Students Have To Say...

I have been a student of Frolific for the past two years. I’ve gone through multiple units each one has taught me something new. The most three recent units I’ve done are emotional control, problem solving and resiliency. All of the units have greatly impacted me, each in its own way. Frolific has helped boost my confidence, set boundaries and manage stressful situations. The million dollar question is, how is anyone supposed to know that Frolific actually works? I have my own evidence. After a couple of months of course-work in Frolific I was awarded for my optimism and the positive impact I had on others around me. I know by investing myself and using the tools that Frolific gave me it is without a doubt that this award is because of what I’ve learned and experienced while in Frolific.
- Ollie O., Student


- Dr. Atre, Parent


This is something that you won't find anywhere else. Quite funny, when the course was explained to me, I thought of a Ted Talks I had watched where the speaker talks about his childhood. During the talk the speaker mentioned that the parents would tell him to do something, but never explained how to accomplish this task. These sessions are the 'how to guide'.
- Mr. Kishore, Parent


The best thing I have noticed in my daughter since she started Frolific is her ability to 'respond', to any positive or negative stimulus, rather than 'react'. As a medical professional I’m a true witness to what can happen when people don’t have the right mindset to handle life as it unfolds. Frolific is an amazing and a hard to find program! This is an education that cannot be achieved from attending a regular or Ivy League school. 
- Dr. Chitra, Parent


My son has been a part of Frolific for two years now and it has been amazing to see the changes in him since he started these classes!! For a regular 12 year old he has shown incredible improvement in his ability to become comfortable making mistakes and trying out new things. Alpana is a very positive person, and her energy and enthusiasm really made this a great space for my son.
- Ms. Abraham, Parent


I have learned to never stick to boundaries and comfort zones because you will never experience anything new otherwise. You miss the joy of being able to learn something new just because you’re “shy”or “socially awkward”. It’s not like I never knew the concept of being out of my comfort zone, but it was in Frolific where I learnt why it is important, and understood the need to be amiable and free and not just explain it as a“good lesson”. Even though it might be a small step, it’s a giant leap in behavioural change for me.
- Mira M., Student

My daughter just received the “Optimist Club’s Rising Student Award” from her school. This is awarded to a strong individual who cares for and encourages others and is happy for their success, has a cheerful outlook on life always, wanting and working for the best, not dwelling on any mistakes they’ve made but striving to do better! I absolutely 100% think Frolific had a role in this!
- Ms. Oprea, Parent


Frolific was amazing! It helped me change the perception of the world and how I viewed social interactions. I always thought that being able to express yourself was in your genes. But now I know it can be learned. I would not have as many friends as I do now if I had not learned what I did at Frolific.
- Reya K., Student

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