Resilience For Leadership: Curriculum Details

Weeks 1-4 
Raising Self Awareness

Build self-awareness to understand how your emotions affect your decisions. 

Learn how we are hard-wired to react in adversity and what it takes to maintain composure.

Identify if you are reacting or making a good decision in any tough situation.

Weeks 5-8 
Raising Self Regulation

Learn the tools of self-regulation to control your performance even under stress.

Have the tools to exit the “reaction mode” in real-time. 

Proactively build resources that help make good decisions in an unforeseen adversity. 

Weeks 9-12 
Building Resilience

Learn the factors that undercut resilience.

Recognize any non-resilient thinking patterns in yourself.

Develop the elements that contribute to resilience.

Weeks 13-16 
Exercising Resilience

Learn to apply lessons in real-life scenarios. Exercise techniques to:

Overcoming the fear of failure

Handling pressure of achievements 

Becoming comfortable making and learning from mistakes