Assertiveness For Leadership: Curriculum Details

Weeks 1-4 
Foundation of Assertiveness

Learn the different types of communication styles and when to use them. 

Identify your own  communication style.

Learn to Interpret verbal and non-verbal cues.

Weeks 5-8 
Building Assertiveness With Listening Skills

Learn what it takes to listen actively - without judgement or making assumptions.

Learn how to develop empathy.


Learn how to take feedback without getting defensive. 

Weeks 9-12 
Building Assertiveness With Speaking Skills

Understand how to use passive, aggressive, and assertive styles of communication.

Identify your natural style of communication. 


Learn how to become a more assertive communicator. 

Weeks 13-16 
Relationship Building Skills

Learn how to effectively use the various conflict resolution styles. 

Learn how to articulate clearly and completely even in a disagreement.


Learn how to tactfully stand your ground while respecting others needs.