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Who         13-16 year olds

Duration   5 months

Starts       August 3, 2024 (Saturdays Only)

Cost         $195/month

Location   2187 Sharon Rd., Cumming, GA, 30041

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Students develop skills such as:

  • Grit & resilience

  • Time management 

  • Goal setting 

“Bri received the Outstanding Student Award at South Forsyth Middle School. We've noticed a significant change in her resilience since she started attending Frolific." - Ms. Bagwell (Parent)

Students develop skills such as:

  • Critical Thinking

  • Lateral Thinking

  • Creative Problem Solving​

“I won the first prize in my school's science fair. I created a very unique model using the iteration process of design thinking that I learned at Frolific!” - Melody (Student)


Students develop skills such as:

  • Assertiveness

  • Networking

  • Public Speaking 

“I got voted as the FBLA president in my school because of the effective collaboration skills I learned at Frolific" - Ayush (Student)

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