Frolific Class

If attributes such as Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, and Problem Solving are key to meaningful success in the 21st century, why is it left to chance who grows up to be empathetic, resilient, or a creative problem solver?

- Alpana, Founder, Frolific


Why We Exist

Frolific was founded on the belief that academic achievements alone cannot lead to lasting and meaningful success as adults.


True meaningful success is not about an achievement or a destination; it is a journey. A journey of continuously striving, achieving, and exceeding your own potential. To reach personal excellence in everything that you do. Driven by your own intrinsic motivation. This is a journey of Personal Leadership.


Every module at Frolific is thoughtfully crafted to ingrain the attributes of Personal Leadership in all our children.




Our curriculum is designed around the four pillars of Personal Leadership:


  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Creative Problem Solving  

  • Resilience

  • Giving Back


We have broken down each competency into smaller, transferable concepts that can be easily understood by children (andadults). This is represented by the Frolific Wheel.

Research Based Curriculum

Frolific’s Personal Leadership program is based on 8 years of research, testing, and workshops conducted globally. Over 300 parents, children, and educators have helped us build & refine the curriculum. We are also supported by organizations like 4.0 Schools and VELA Education Fund. 


  • The concepts in The Frolific Wheel are introduced to children through carefully designed experiences. 

  • Our sessions are integrated with play and interactive discussions to keep kids engaged.

  • Tangible, memorable, and fun experiences, not lectures, drive home the concepts.

  • We teach practical techniques that can be implemented right away.

Evidence Backed Results

  • Throughout the program, we measure how well our children grasp the core competencies by using formative and summative assessments.

  • We have developed the REC (Resiliency-EQ-Creative Problem Solving) Scale, designed in collaboration with metrics expert, Dr. Kirsten Hill, to objectively measure how mindsets change over the course of the program. 

  • Perhaps most importantly, our parents have overwhelmingly reported the positive impact our programs have had on their children, as evidenced in our testimonies section.

What Parents Say About Us

Frolific is an amazing and a hard to find program! We have been so lucky to have our daughters take advantage of this excellent opportunity. It’s the best money we have ever spent on extra curricular activity. This is an education that cannot be achieved from attending a regular or Ivy League school.

Frolific is a worthwhile investment for every family. My children have been a part of many extra-curricular activities over the years and hands down, Frolific has been the most valuable one by far.

This program is designed to encourage kids to expand their comfort zones, take chances, support one another and dream big. Alpana's passion and dedication are truly what makes this program special.  I have never come across something like this for kids and encourage every parent who wants to see their child grow and evolve to a new level, just try it! You won't be disappointed!

It helped my daughter be more empathetic, more innovative and more mindful. Frolific teaches them through fun games and exercise. They teach the skill sets needed for every day life, integrity, self awareness, emotion intelligence and innovative thinking.  5 stars for Frolific from me and my daughter!


Our Journey

By 2011, Frolific founder, Alpana Shitolé had helped start a consulting firm from the ground up, lead a corporate Project Management Office, worked as a City planner and earned two masters degrees from both US and India. 

Her journey in education, however, did not begin until her quest to find the right school for her daughter in 2012. After changing multiple schools, she finally found a truly international (IB) school that was independent of government and national systems. It encouraged students to consider both local and global contexts in their learning, to think critically, and challenge assumptions. This school inspired her to give up her thriving corporate career to join this school as a teacher’s assistant just to experience the amazing methodology of this non traditional education. Within months she recognized the children's powerful potential to change the world, an exhilarating feeling for her that was miles ahead of working for the success of a project or a company. 

It also led her to the greatest realization of her journey, a question to which she resolved to dedicate herself:

“If thriving in life outside school really depends on resilience, creative problem solving, building relationships, and the ability to identify and follow one’s passion, why was there no concerted effort to develop and nurture these skills and attitudes in children right from the primary ages in schools? Why is it left to chance who grows up to be creative, has a sense of purpose, or is self-driven? How can these skills be ingrained as mindsets in the formative years of all kids, making these an integral part of their being?”

This initiated her journey of independent research which led her to be accepted to the Fellowship program in 2015 of 4.0 Schools, a non-profit organization that selects a handful of  educationalists every year from across the U.S with next-generation ideas and provides them with mentoring and funding to test their ideas in the community.   

With coaching from 4.0 Schools, she was able to conduct research and workshops to work closely with over 200 parents, children, educators, and professionals locally and across the globe. She spent the next four years identifying the overarching core mindsets and testing various channels to effectively instill them in children. Her findings have been summed up below:

To thrive and achieve meaningful, lasting success in life is not only dependent on the education system that one goes through but also on having the core mindsets like grit to persevere through a purpose driven goal, the courage to take risks, the ability to build deep relationships with people, and the ability to a spark of creativity in anything that is done.

Parents: Channelizing parents as a conduit to instill these core mindsets was not the best vector despite their investment in their children because of lack of time, resources, their ability to teach, and most importantly, there was no systematic way to monitor the results. 

Add-on program at schools: Considering the rigor and expectations from the rest of the day at school, an add-on program at school  has  tendency to be treated as a free period especially when if this program does not count towards a grade.

A school:  While piloting a school she discovered that because of an ulterior motive of achieving  academic excellence in a school, this channel was actually constraining the impact of the core mindsets confining it to only academia . 

These insights helped formulate the solution to her initial question - a solution that gave birth to Frolific, (a blend of two words, fun and prolific!

“What if there was a third dynamic space outside of school and home where children were intrinsically motivated to do their best and were open to learning about what it takes to succeed for their own sake?”

Frolific is designed to reimagine student experience, prioritizing elements like student ownership, personalization and an expanded definition of student success