Image by Natalie Pedigo

Our Mission 

To enable every child to become a fearless and compassionate leader

Our Vision

To become the world’s most loved, most prolific space for children

Our Beliefs

Belief #1

Leadership is not an achievement or a destination; it is a mindset. A mindset of continuously striving for, achieving, and exceeding your own potential. Despite the setbacks.  

Belief #2

A leader's mindset does not come with a degree or title, but with steady reinforcement over a long period of time. Mindsets, therefore, need to be instilled during foundational schooling years of life. 

Belief #3

People, including children, learn best when they are having fun.  

Belief #4

Interacting with others who look and think differently from us stretches our minds to embrace new ways of thinking.

Meet The Founder


Alpana Shitolé is the founder of Frolific.


Alpana has two Master of Science degrees, an Entrepreneurship certification from Cornell University, a PMP certification, a SEE Learning certification, an ALF certification, is a 4.0 Schools Fellow, and a ‘Meet The Moment’ Grantee.  She has helped start a consulting firm from the ground up, lead a corporate Project Management Office, and worked as a City planner. 


Alpana’s journey in education, however,  began as a quest to find the right school for her daughter in 2012. After changing multiple schools, she finally found that perfect school. But this also came with a life-changing realization: 


Despite sending our children to amazing schools, why is there was no certainty that they would  reach their full potential and achieve meaningful success in the future?

If thriving in adult life really depends on facing your fears, resilience, and building relationships, why is it left to chance who develops these skills?


How can these skills be ingrained as mindsets in the formative years of all children, making these an integral part of their being?


These were the question to which she resolved to dedicate her life to. 


This initiated her journey of independent research which led her to be accepted to the Fellowship program in 2015 of 4.0 Schools, a non-profit organization that selects a handful of  educationalists every year from across the U.S. with next-generation ideas. 


The deep research done through this program, helped shape the foundations of the Frolific's methodology and approach.